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Boat Docking & Mooring

While staying at the Lazy E, you may bring your boat! We will help you to safely moor or dock your boat as best we can, but you should be prepared with the correct amount of lines and boat protection equipment. We have created this page to assist you before you arrive. We look forward to your visit!

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Boat Docking & Mooring
Docks and moorings are available to our customers during their stay with us. We charge a docking fee for overnight stays on the docks and for the moorings. Arrangements must be made prior to arrival to ensure availability. Trailer storage is not available on site, but we can store trailers at our other facility, Bear Tree Lodge, 3.5 miles north.

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We have 40' Docks with 12' of water. We charge $25 per night for overnight docking, Reservation required. Our docks are in Paugus Bay/Lake Winnipesaukee and we have high boat traffic which can cause significant waves. We recommend that you dock your boat, bow out and use fenders to protect your boat. We have some docks with available for added protection. Please come prepared to tie your boat to the docks.

boating safety course marlinespike We recommend you bring the following:
   • Bow & Stern Line (3/8 dia. minimum)
   • Spring line
   • 8-10" fenders
   • Extra lines if you want to leave yours setup on the docks

We have moorings available for $15 per night. For a mooring all you need to do is to pull up to the mooring, fish the plastic bottle out of the water that is attached to the hook. Connect the hook to your trailer eye on the bow of your boat. As it is in the middle of the water, there is no dock damage possible so no fenders or spring lines, etc. The only trick is getting to shore. Many people bring a blow-up raft that they can leave on the mooring when they are out on there boat, and then use to get to shore.

Moorings are the best options for Jet-Skis as they are not easily tied to a dock. We have a shallow Jet-Ski mooring as well.


Boat Launching
Unfortunately we do not have launch facilities. We recommend two options:

1) Drive to the Meredith Town Docks and launch, (6 Miles from Lazy E). The cost is $10 each way during peak times. You can then tie the boat up on the dock while you drop your trailer at the Bear Tree Lodge for storage (no cost to Lazy E Guests). You will then drive back to the dock and one person will drive the boat and the other the truck, back to the Lazy E. We do sell Bizer Navigation Charts in the check-in office, if needed.

2) Launch at Christmas Island, (1/2 mile from Lazy E). $25 launch free out. No parking or docking available for any amount of time at their facility. You will still need to drop your trailer at the Bear Tree Lodge for storage.

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